How Fun Hair Salon / JC Architecture

Architects: JC Architecture Location: Lane 51, Section 1, Da'an Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 Year: 2013 Photographs: Kyle You

Design Team: Johnny Chiu (lead), Nora Wang, Sunny Sun, Kenny Yang

From the architect. How Fun Hair Salon is located in the most chaotic/trendy district in Taipei City. Based on its condition that is one of old street houses in the crowded area, our goal was to bring the experience of having hairdressing in design as a metaphor of converting the old narrow space into a trendy spot.

We developed the possibility to change the street scape in Taipei. Creating the freedom, openness and joy for small spaces becomes our interest and task in designing for Taipei one of Asian cities with extremely dense landscape. Our design started out simple, to describe experiences of going to a salon with a bad hair day to a brand new look. We focused on extending the sentimental journey that we all looking for different moods by changing our appearances. Therefore, we inserted a tunnel into the space to create a direct experience of transition.

We aimed at a less-decorated design that can reveal the essence of the space and the personalities of people who work in. We research into different materials for creating an ambience glow at the reception counter, and have come to using synthetic stone with lighting for its best effects. We used computer software to create more possibilities of curves that better fit in the real space. We also designed a green roof on top of the first floor for the pleasures of Taipei residences who look down onto the streets.

In our design work as a whole, user experience is the most important concern. We care about the interconnection amongst environment, marketing program and consumer psychology. For commercial space, we believe that we won't always have many opportunities to design for big facades, therefore, creating new appearance but preserving the personality of current environment will be a trend in the future. We wanted the design to be simple, but have the delicacy of trend and fashion of this area. We start with changing the look of a small alley, and expect it to be influential to a wider scale of living area. We want the city to be more lively and friendly.

The facade is a distinct interface between the bustling lane and the inside salon. The tunnel almost pipes right through the lane and offers that entire journey inside from the outside lane with glass separating the private and public space, the facade is a great, crisp, clean interface between the two spaces.

The tunnel creates a distinct space that creates a journey for the customer. The tunnel helps transform customers' direction into an intimate pathway across the salon floor allowing.

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