Demi Lovato Releases Bright Hair Extensions Line 'Secret Color' to Mimic Her ...

Get the Most Popular Music Times Updates Weekly Demi Lovato's colorful hair colors can soon come to your head with Secret Colors. (Photo : Mike Windle/Getty Images)

In addition to her catchy pop singles and motivational, positive attitude, Demi Lovato is known for one other thing: her ever-changing hairstyle. In the last year alone, the ' Really Don't Care' singer has rocked purple, gray, blonde, pink and blue hair(in addition to her natural dark brown locks). Now, Lovato is bringing the colorful expression to her fans by releasing her own line of bright hair extensions, Secret Color.

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Lovato announced her new line earlier this week in an interview with Hollywood Life, emphasizing the fun ability of changing your hair color for self-expression.

'Changing up my hair is one of my favorite ways to express myself,' Lovato said. 'With Secret Color, I've made it easy for my fans to do the same! Self-expression, creativity and fun are what Secret Color allows my fans to convey through their hair and I can't wait to see what they come up with as I make my way along my tour.'

Teased as 'color without the commitment' on the product's official website, Secret Color includes an 'invisible' headband to make for easy application, coverage and hiding for the rainbow themed extensions. The extensions act like real hair and can be straightened, curled or washed just like it grew from your own head.

As of now, Secret Colors are only available for sale online. The extensions come in pink, red, purple and blue and cost $19.99 each, with $5.99 shipping per order.

Secret Colors is not Lovato's first foray into the beauty world by a long shot. Last year, she released a line of nail polish and nail decals with Ulta. And earlier this month, she announced a skincare line DeVonne by Demi.

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