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What is it about the change in season that makes us want to get a fresh dye job? Or if not that than at least a few highlights, perhaps throw in some lowlights while we're at it.

Whatever it is, we're feeling it right about now. And we know we're not alone.

So we called up celebrity hair colorist Marie Robinson (clients include , Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson, and the list goes on...and on) to get the scoop on the top three most popular shades for autumn.

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1. Blondie Blond: We know, we weren't expecting this to top the list either but four stars have already made the switch. 'Platinum color can look elegant or edgy depending on how you wear it,' says Robinson. 'It's a lot of upkeep but it's totally worth it.'

2. In the Red: Marie thinks natural-looking strawberry blonds and redhead styles (á la Jessica Chastain) have been having a come back for a while now but fall will definitely see another surge. Just be sure you go to the salon for this one it is nearly impossible to create from a box.

3. Hot Chocolate: Look to Jessica Biel, Keira Knightley and Kerry Washington for the ideal brunette hue. Opt for 'rich chocolate brown roots and mid-length with slightly softer golden tones on the ends and around the face,' says Robinson.

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Of course, that's just a few options. There are plenty more stunning fall hair colors out there. Luckily we don't need to spend hours on Pinterest finding them. There are tons of stars modeling the perfect rich hues on the red carpet right now and we've rounded up the best in our gallery below.

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