Jarrettsville stylist makes the cut at New York's Fashion Week

Bobbi Jo Bass has been used to styling the hair of local residents in a low-key location, off Jarrettsville's Baldwin Mill Road, for the past 14 years.

But for one day, she got to work on some much more glamorous locks, in one of the most high-profile settings in the fashion world.

From Sept. 5 through 8, Bass got to make over models at New York's Fashion Week as part of a trip by Schwarzkopf Professionals.

She was one of 24 stylists chosen from across the U.S. and Canada by the hair products company in what Bass called the experience of a lifetime.

'It was really just an inspiring experience,' Bass, who runs Forrester & Friends, off of Baldwin Mill Road, said about being in New York from Sept. 5 through Sept. 8.

New York Fashion Week ran through Sept. 11.

Bass' team was tasked with styling the hair of models for the Alice + Olivia show, which took place at The Pierre Hotel, on East 61st Street, on Sept. 8.

Schwarzkopf's lead hair artist, Michael Dueñas, came up with a look revolving around a braided bun with silk scarves, Bass said.

The team had two training days; then it was showtime.

On Sept. 8, stylists to make over 42 models in a race to the final display.

Bass said they aimed to get each look done in 20 minutes, which could be a challenge when models wandered in from another show looking completely different.

'One model had a bob, so we had to make it look like she had long hair. We used a lot of hair extensions,' she recalled.

'It was a lot of fun and really interesting to experience that,' she said.

For Bass, who is 32 and lives in Hanover, Pa., the chance to work with an elite group of stylists was a unique opportunity.

Bass has styled hair since she bought Forrester & Friends from her aunt 14 years ago.

She grew up in Carroll County and has also been an educator for Schwarzkopf since 2007, mostly leading hair coloring classes at salons throughout the region.

This fall's show was Schwarzkopf's second season sending a full team to Fashion Week, she said.

The stylists volunteered their time, although the company paid for their stay in New York, she said.

It was also a chance to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

'Just being a part of Fashion Week gives you insight into what is happening now,' Bass added.

'It definitely gives you insights into what is up and coming, what the hair trends are now,' she said.

So will there be more scarves in hair buns on women around town?

'I think it would definitely be a look that people will be wearing eventually,' Bass said. 'It's a very wearable look.'

Her trip into the world of high fashion has also been a topic of conversation around the salon, Bass said.

'It's definitely an honor to be able to work at New York Fashion Week,' she added. 'It's something that not everyone gets the opportunity to experience.'

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