'America's Next Top Model' recap: Everyone's wigging out

Will nervous-Nellie Lenox pull herself together and make the most of her second chance? Can the male models warm Kelly Cutrone's heart with their acoustic guitar? Why is a bulldog wearing a wig? The answers on this week's America's Next Top Model.

Will is ecstatic Tyra Banks called his photo first. 'It just proves even though you're in the bottom two one week, it doesn't mean you can't go all the way to the top,' he says. An obvious statement? Or foreshadowing of what might be to come for Lenox, who spends much of the episode anxious and mopey.

(Reminder: last week, Lenox was saved from elimination only because producers ousted Romeo for head-butting Adam. As punishment, Tyra will only allot Lenox five frames during her shoot.)

The next morning, the guys and the girls will be whipping some weaves in slow motion for the avant-garde hair editorial photo shoot. The guys, the girls, and, to my absolute delight, a bulldog wearing a silver Mohawk.

You guys, don't forget! Lenox only has five frames, as she reminds us in a confessional voiceover. 'Five frames is nothing! If I get it [a good shot], it'll be a miracle.'

The girls steamroll the guys at the shoot. Ben struggles with his long blond hair; Keith can't quite make it work. Yu Tsai credits Adam for at least listening and slowly improving shoot to shoot.

Lenox makes it halfway through her five frames (or takes, since this is a video shoot), before losing her cool and walking off set in tears. Tsai reminds her it's OK to cry and be frustrated, but only if you can learn to channel it.

Tsai also plays Cupid and prods Mirjana into admitting her feelings for Denzel. 'I don't think I've ever been this happy being with somebody,' she giggles. The two couples (Mirjana and Denzel, Kari and Keith) are shacking up in what they're calling 'our little lovers' suite,' and the rest of their roommates roll their eyes appropriately as sounds of cuddling echo through the house. Shei doesn't think Denzel and Mirjana are being professional on set, and Will worries Mirjana is too focused on her new man, not the competition. Kari worries Denzel isn't committed; he's wary that Mirjana still has a boyfriend back home, though she promises to break up with him via a Dear John letter.

Later, Nina Burns from Cycle 20 surprises the models with a special guest: Nick Canon, who challenges the models to create a panoramic ad to promote his new headphones. The competitors will have one hour to choose their wardrobe and direct and shoot the photo.

Despite Lenox's crippling indecision and self-confidence issues, Nick chooses her team, including Kari and Matthew, as the winners for their unique approach and focus on the product.

Insult of the Week: Mirjana doesn't think Lenox deserves to be in the competition: 'She's a small-town, quiet girl. She can't do sexy, she can't do this or that. She's just there.' Ouch.

Ben and Adam open panel with their own homemade ANTM song for Tyra, Kelly Cutrone, and Miss J. Alexander, which turns into a group singalong.

The judges all agree tonight is ladies' night, and the proof is in the pictures.

Tyra's not happy with Matthew, who's got a 'fine-ass face,' but just 'stands there.' Kelly thinks Denzel belongs not at a fashion shoot but an audition for a Detroit rock band and gives Ben an even worse critique, comparing him to a 'drag-bar owner in the Flintstones ... it's prehistorically horrible for me to even look at.'

Among the girls, Tyra calls Shei a 'warrior' and describes Mirjana's pic as 'Beyonce as a fashion model. Kelly tells Raelia she looks absolutely gorgeous.

So how did Lenox fare with her shortened window of opportunity? PSYCH! Of course she brought it, contrary to the promos for this week, which painted her as a sobbing hot mess, and how the entire rest of the episode went down. The panel raves about her intense eye contact and fierce hair, and Tyra awards her the week's only '10.'

So it's two guys, Ben and Keith, who end up the bottom two. Fun fact: both of them won best photo in prior weeks. Tyra warns Keith the judges and the fans at home are bored. But ultimately, sweet Ben from Iowa is sent packing.

NEXT WEEK: Denzel lets loose with homophobia toward Will, and Mirjana and Raelia just may throw down.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: ANTM moves to its new Friday 9/8C time slot starting next week (Oct. 3, 2014).

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