Rahua Hair Care Range Comes to the Middle East

All right ladies and gentleman, the hair moment we have all been waiting for with bated breath has finally arrived. With a cult following of A-list celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp, it's no wonder that we are so hyped and excited about luxury hair care range, Rahua finally launching in the Middle Eastern market.

Rahua, pronounced Ra-wa, is a certified, organic hair care line which contains nut oil which is known to repair even the most dry and damaged hair, which is exactly what us living in the heat need!

According to the brand, the key to its outstanding performance is its molecular structure, which, unlike other organic oils is able to deeply penetrate into the hair roots, which works regressively to bond and repair our damaged hair follicles. Containing zero amounts of silicone, sulphates or any other 'nasties', the luxurious collection is also completely gluten free. The range promises to be kind to our hair, furthermore it will treat a variety of scalp conditions, predominantly common amongst people living within the Middle Eastern climate conditions, which includes dermatitis and eczema.

Not just that, the hair care range is a 100% environment friendly!

The Luxe new line feature nine premium products for our lovely locks including shampoos, conditioners, hair elixirs, hair masks, voluminous sprays, hair wax and finishing treatment.

Wow, looks like Rahua's got it all!

The Rahua range will go on sale in Plathora Hair Lab in September and Harvey Nichols in October this year.

INFO: www.rahua.com

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