Queen Elsa's Undone Braid: Recreate the Once Upon a Time Character's ...

Just like a snowflake, every braid is unique-none more so than Queen Elsa's loose plait in Once Upon a Time!

We first wanted to steal Elsa's braided hairstyle when we spotted it in the 2013 hit , thanks to the way the textured crown simply defied gravity in its cartoon form. But then the Snow Queen was brought to life during Once Upon a Time's Sept. 28 premiere, in all her blue-caped glory, and her 'do looked better than ever-and possible to recreate, too!

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Although we'll be skipping the cape (for now, circle back around Oct. 31), hairstylist Nunzio Saviano exclusively explained to Us Weekly how to get Queen Elsa's undone hairstyle, perfect anytime.

1. When hair is dry, use a texturizing spray like Kerastase Spray a Porter with sea salt.

2. Turn your head upside down and shake to create body and texture. And do not use a brush!

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3. Flip your hair back. Then, loosely start a French braid at the back of the head. Note: The key here is to create uneven sections-they shouldn't all be equal in thickness, because it's not a perfect braid. Some sections need to have more hair than others to create the Elsa effect.

4. Continue to braid until about an inch or so from the bottom.

5. Wrap the end of braid with a clear illusion band.

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6. As a final touch, consider adding a few bobby pins with rhinestones. The sparkle will mimic the snowy mountains of Arendelle, so you'll truly have a fairytale look!

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