New stylist at Blushes hair salon aims to help with afro and curly hair

A head of wild curls worn with confidence and pride are, at the very least, head-turning and wonderful.

But tight curls and afro styles can be tricky hair to deal with and not all women know how to make the best of it.

Enter Saskia Wright, the newest stylist at Blushes hair salons in Cheltenham and Gloucester, who will be specialising in all things curly.

For her, afro hair is a part of life as she sports a fabulously curly style that perfectly frames her face.

She is very comfortable with her hair and loves wearing it curly, but she admits it wasn't always like that.

'When I was growing up I went through a period when I absolutely hated my hair and got bullied for it at school,' she said.

'I saw girls with long, straight hair and I wanted that so I went for weekly blow dries to keep it straight.'

But times - and Saskia's attitude - have changed. 'Now I love it and I like the fact that I stand out.

'You only get one head of hair so you should make the most of it.'

Saskia will be working in both the Cheltenham and Gloucester salons, as a regular hair stylist with a speciality for afro and excessively curly hair.

Salon co-owner Darrell Blake said: 'We are really excited about having somebody who is an expert in the field for afro/excessively curly hair.

'This hair is a completely different fabric and needs to be treated in a specialised way.

'We have never embarked on doing this type of hair work before as we did not believe that we had the right skills and understanding to offer this service.'

At just 19, Saskia already has several years of experience behind her, having trained and worked as a stylist for another salon before coming to Blushes.

As well as blow dries, Saskia will be doing treatments that take the frizz out of hair but leave the curls in.

'It leaves the hair looking natural and much easier to deal with,' she said.

'Afro hair is actually quite weak and fine but it takes the strongest products so it needs to be treated properly.

'Just like other kinds of hair, there are lots of different types of afro hair from completely straight hair to the tightest curl.

'As well as treatments, I would also love to look into doing weaves and braids.

'I a, really pleased that I am as this point in my life and still so young.

'When my mum moved abroad to live, I had to stand on my own two feet and it made me want to be successful in what I had chosen to do.'

To coincide with Saskia's arrival, Blushes is stocking a new range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments to use on this kind of hair.

'The L'Oreal Mizani range will be unique to this area and will work wonders for not only afro hair but for those clients with excessively curly hair,' said Darrell.

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