New Study Reveals Salon Color Sales Up 3.6%

In 2013, professional salon haircolor product sales grew by 3.6 percent in 2013 to $783 million, with haircolor continuing to be the primary driver of the salon business around which all other services revolve, according to the New 2013 Professional Salon Haircolor Study from Professional Consultants & Resources.. This in-depth study on the U.S. salon haircolor market is published annually. The study includes major sections on men's haircolor services/products, haircolor advertising and shipment market shares for all leading haircolor corporations and by division.

'Salons of all types-independent artistic, large and regional chains, and chair and suite rentals-report that haircolor services are highly vital to the very survival and growth of their businesses and to the salon industry as a whole,' says Cyrus Bulsara, president of Professional Consultants & Resources, a leading strategic consulting company and data supplier to the professional beauty industry. 'Salon haircolor services initially bring in clients for haircolor services, who then subsequently return for retouches, cuts, styling, blowouts, keratin treatments, other services and to purchase hair care products.'

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The study also found that haircolor was still the largest, most robustly growing and major salon product category, and is projected to continue growing strongly over the next five years. The growth will come from increased salon visits by clients seeking gray coverage and young adults and Millennials seeking fashion color. New haircolor brands and trends toward color vibrancy drive growth for demi-permanents, permanents, vibrants/vivids, pastels, lighteners and color refreshers. Salon haircolor service dollars grew by 3.7 percent to $16.1 billion, as salon client visits increased. New and old evolving services like balayage, ombrés, highlights, tonal/low lights, pastels, vivids and vibrants created a fresh new demand. Other study findings included:

· Haircolor grew robustly in a recovering U.S. economy with better disposable incomes.

· Top distribution realignments are complete, allowing most salon haircolor brands to focus on salon education and growth.

· Chair and suite rentals continued to gain haircolor market share from mid-tier salon chains, as clients migrated away from impersonal mall salons and followed their favorite stylists.

· Manufacturers' sales of demi- and semi-permanent color grew at 1.5 times the rate of all haircolor products.

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