Cutler Salon Pulls a Blind Barber With Williamsburg Location

The bar inside Cutler; Image via WWD

No longer is it satisfactory in Williamsburg for your haircut to come with freshly blunted ends and a blowout that you can stretch for up to two days. Now, a trip to the hair chair should come with cocktails and gourmet bites. Following the Blind Barber's foray into food comes Cutler salon, a well-known Manhattan studio with locations in Midtown and Soho, making inroads in Brooklyn with a five-chair salon that's equipped with a bar, WWD reports.

For food and drink offerings, Cutler's teamed up with next-door neighbor St. Balmain (you can access the 225-square foot salon through the Australian restaurant-slash-café), with whom they also share a backyard patio.

'We could have gone around the corner and opened a space with 15 chairs, but this felt right,' founder Rodney Cutler (who is also Australian) told the paper. 'When I looked at this community throughout the day, a salon made sense. Williamsburg lends itself to a space that's a shared experience.'

There's no word yet on Cutler's exact menu offerings, but St. Balmain's all-day brunch menu includes delectables like egg, bacon, and kale on a pretzel bun; avocado toast; paleo pancakes; and injectable donuts. · Cutler Salons Expand to Brooklyn-and Beyond [WWD] · Haircuts and Ice-Cream-Filled Donuts Coexist at Blind Barber [Racked NY] · Why Retailers Use Williamsburg as a Concept Testing Ground [Racked NY]

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