Kim Kardashian's Wedding Hairstyle Drama With Bruce Jenner's Ponytail And ...

Kim Kardashian's wedding has been done and dusted for months but the recent airing of the season finale of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' featuring the events leading up to the ceremony has revealed the truth behind many speculations surrounding the event. Other small details and minor drama has also been disclosed including Kim's struggle with Bruce and Kylie Jenner's hairstyles for the wedding.

REUTERS/ Kylie Jenner leaves an apartment building in Paris May 20, 2014. U.S. television personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West will celebrate their wedding in Florence on May 24, an official from the mayor's office confirmed last Friday.

When Kim finally sat down with Bruce Jenner to ask him to walk her down the aisle, she knew exactly how the walk would go. She had planned to walk alone for part of the way to give her dress its shining moment and Bruce will meet her halfway down to the altar. Bruce was happy to oblige and was willing to do exactly as Kim wanted except for one thing. Kim and Kris Jenner both agreed that Bruce should cut his hair. He had grown a ponytail in the past year and he had been sporting a long hairstyle similar to his son, Brandon Jenner. Kim and Kris confronted him about it calling him 'My Little Pony' but Bruce was livid.

Bruce complained that it took him nearly two years to get his hair to its current length and that it would be absurd for him to cut it all off for one event. Kim reasoned that he looks a lot more handsome with short hair but the flattery got her nowhere. Bruce insisted that he will keep his ponytail and his face would have to be enough to keep Kim satisfied.

Meanwhile, another Jenner has some hair antics of her own. Kim's youngest sister Kylie turned up a few days before the wedding with blue dyed hair! Kim seemed to be fighting hard to stay calm when she saw it and asked Kylie what her plan was for the ceremony. Kylie nonchalantly said that she would put in extensions to cover up the blue hair. She then said she would also use black spray to cover up whatever the extensions could not handle. Kim was relieved and thought the problem had been resolved.

The usually picture perfect family was under more immense pressure than ever to look perfect for the highly anticipated event. Kim and Kanye went through all the stops to plan the wedding and make it look exactly as they wanted. The guest list was also very tightly controlled to keep the event intimate and appropriate for the venue. Most of the details were planned by the couple according to their exact vision and everything was revealed to the guests and family members at the very last minute.

The day of the wedding finally arrived and Kim was on top of all the preparations. She kept fussing about her sisters' hair and their dresses. Bruce confessed that while he was keeping his long hair and ponytail, he allowed Kim to choose how the ponytail should look and who would style it. The two of them agree to disagree and settle on their compromise but it was another story for Kylie. The teenager shoed up with no extensions and no black spray! Kim noticed but decided not to say anything. With just minutes before her walk down the aisle, she just decided to let it go and focus on the positive aspects of the day and enjoy her and Kanye's moment. In the end, the wedding went through as planned with 'My Little Pony' and 'Katy Perry' in attendance as Kris Jenner fondly teased Bruce and Kylie.

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