The latest in hair color at Coupe Rokei

SEATTLE - At Coupe Rokei salon in downtown Seattle a massive makeover was underway to make long hair short and turn brunettes into blondes.

'We are doing some avant garde color changes, everyday color changes. It's pretty fun stuff,' said salon owner, Rory McGowan.

McGowan and her stylists teamed up with Passion Magazine to create a guide for women wanting a new look. Coupe Rokei was one of four salons in the country asked to participate in the makeover book.

'We are creating a hair color makeover book that's going to be use by salon professionals to consult with their clients,' said Thia Spearing from Fashion Beauty International. 'And, we chose Coupe Rokei Salon because are guaranteed to have some awesome, awesome images today.'

17 year old Caroline agreed to cut her hair and change its color for the photo shoot, but it's with some hesitation from her Mom, too.

'I just don't want to go home with a sad teenager who hates her hair,' said Melissa Aydelott, Caroline's mom.

There was no need to worry. Caroline was in good hands along with the other models about to be transformed by a professional haircut and color.

'It can really change how someone looks in a really positive way,' said stylist Allegra Blakesley.

Spearing added, '... because it surrounds your face. The color you wear on your hair reflects onto your skin, so it can make your skin glowy and radiant, or it can make your skin look very sallow and very dull.'

'You can be any color there is, but it has to be the right tone,' said stylist Odie Lewis. 'It can be a real spirit lifter.'

'Hair color is the most transformation process that you can do. It makes you just light up and come alive,' said Spearing.

The 'before's' and 'after's' of the photo shoot proved that point.

As for Caroline, after shedding all that hair and even changing its color, she' couldn't be happier.

Her new look put a big smile on her face, Mom, too.

'It's very different and I know it's what she was going for,' said Aydelott.

The stylists at Coupe Rokei behind the makeovers included Odie, Cori, Mickel, Allegra, Hana, Eric and Rory.

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