Sandra Bullock's Hair Color Has Hollywood Tongues Wagging

Sandra Bullock has appeared as a blonde in a number of movies, but rumors the actress had changed her hair color had tongues wagging in Hollywood over the weekend. Bullock, who also made news because she didn't show up at George Clooney's wedding, saw a number of headlines surrounding her suddenly lighter locks.

Sandra had appeared out in public sporting blonde hair, and it seemed as though there were more than a few people the famous brunette had made the change. It appears that Bullock might have been having a little fun with the Hollywood press when she strutted around town wearing lighter shades of hair. As many reports have indicated, Sandra's blonde hair might have been a wig because she was back to her more well known color just two days later.

It seems unlikely superstar actress would dye her hair to such varying degrees in the span of a single week. Hence, the assumptions Bullock was sporting some sort of a costume piece. Now the real question becomes whether she had gone blonde simply to try and have a little fun or whether she is getting ready for a new role.

The interesting part of all of this is the lighter tresses made news at all. The Hollywood press has never been a group that dug deep into these kinds of stories, but one has to wonder if it was worth reporting on at all. This is also the reason there seems to be a bit of evidence Bullock was simply having a bit of fun at some reactionary members of the media. Sandra has certainly spent a good portion of her life in front of the cameras, and she has a good sense for what will make the news and what won't.

Sandra Bullock has found herself in the news for both positive and negative events, such as the release of a hit movie such as The Blind Side (one where she went blonde) or Gravity. Sandra has also sadly had to face the press when it came to things like her divorce from husband Jesse James after it turned out he had an affair. The byproduct of Sandra being in front of the cameras and having Bullock's entire life chronicled is she certainly understands what gets newspaper ink and what doesn't. If Sandra Bullock's goal was indeed to get tongues wagging, she succeeded brilliantly.

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