Hearts and Stars Salon's Sulfate

Big Island stylist Jason Harsin hits a high note with his Hawai'i-made, luxury hair care line. HEARTS AND STARS PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE AT RED PINEAPPLE, WARD CENTERS, 593-2733, AND AT HEARTS-AND-STARS.COM. LEFT TO RIGHT: LILIKO'I LUXURY CONDITIONER, BATH AND BODY GEL, SHAMPOO, $20 EACH. Photo: David Croxford

Jason Harsin's first love will always be rock 'n' roll. The Big Island guitarist-turned-hair-stylist was once in a band signed to Capitol Records and over the years has worked with major musicians, from Weezer to The White Stripes. Playing a close second is Harsin's current gig, as front man and owner of Hearts and Stars Salon and Day Spa in Kona, and creator of the Heart and Stars luxury hair care line.

Harsin's transition from music to beauty wasn't as much of a stretch as it would seem. While living in L.A., he spent a decade working as an assistant to a celebrity stylist. A move to the Islands in 2011 helped change his tune, and by 2013 the salon was up and running. Its name serves as an homage to his music career and his mission, to give islanders rock star hair.

While the salon's services were an instant hit with locals, Harsin grew frustrated with his lineup of hair products. His Island clients faced hair challenges unique to Hawai'i's tropical climes-intense humidity and year-round exposure to sun and sea. Unable to find the protein-rich products their locks longed for (proteins strengthen hair, soothe dry scalp and mend split ends), he decided to create his own.

Harsin's Hearts and Stars hair care line is made in Hawai'i using sulfate- and paraben-free, natural ingredients, such as avocado, hemp seed and tea tree oils, lime, chamomile and aloe vera.

Shampoos and conditioners headline the ensemble in luscious tropical scents, including liliko'i and citrus, with pomade, smoothing serum and hairspray playing back up. Other key elements, such as keratin and quick-absorbing shea butter restore hair strength and repair damage, while B-complex increases scalp circulation and Vitamin B5 maximizes shine and bounciness. The result is a line especially designed to replenish and revitalize hair without missing a beat.

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