Toning Up Dark Hair — Get The Chic Look For Fall

Are you tired of your dark hair and want to brighten up and lighten up but still look natural? Top hair colorist, Joanna Pinto of NYC's Pierre Michel Salon tells you how to get the great new look.

Darker haired celebrities love to brighten up their locks just in time for apple-picking and pumpkin spice lattes. We've seen brunette beauties like Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Ariana Grande, and Khloe Kardashian spice up their darkened shade with rich, light tones and now you can, too!

How To Tone & Lighten Dark Hair For Fall - Expert Tips From Pierre Michel Salon

If you are nervous about going from a dark color to light for fall, rest easy because we've got exclusive how-to tips from expert hair colorist Joanna Pinto of NYC's Pierre Michel Salon on how to get your ideal shade for fall!

'Dark hair can be tricky to highlight because it has to be done in a way that won't look artificial,' Joanna told EXCLUSIVELY. 'The trick is all in the weave.'

When HollywoodLife reader, Leilah, went in for a new fall look, she wanted to add in some highlights, but was nervous it would look too brassy. She wanted the perfect blended look that wouldn't appear too streaky.

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'Her hair had been highlighted too heavily. This was great and fun for summer but for the fall she wanted something richer with more shine,' Joanna told 'She yet wasn't ready to make it all one dark solid color, so we agreed on a soft natural ombré where the highlights are more concentrated on the tips and hairline.'

Fall is a tricky season! It's not unbearably cold out just yet, but you also don't want the 'I just came from the beach' look to drown you out.

'For the fall, it's best to do warmer, deeper shades,' she told us. 'If you're a brunette, tone up to two levels lighter. Just to break up the color.'

The Perfect Hair Needs The Perfect Product

But no one likes when their dark hair starts the growing-out phase after it's been lightened.

Joanna is here to ease your worries, adding, 'This look makes the growing-out phase more natural and doesn't make her a slave to hair color. This is also a way of keeping it natural-looking because the first place hair color fades is always on the ends.'

Though this look is more for darker hair, Joanna did have a fall recommendation for all the blondes out there. 'If you're a blonde and are not ready to darken it, start by asking your colorist to add lowlights. A different shade will create variations of tones and add dimension.'

But no look is complete without the perfect products. 'I recommend using sulfate-free shampoos that don't strip color and using products like oil serums to smooth out end after blow-dries,' suggested Joanna.

HollywoodLifers, are you excited to lighten your hair for fall? Are you ready to take on this beauty look? Let us know.

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