Ariana Grande Rocks New Hairstyle — Love Her…

The always adorable Ariana has tried a brand new look! On Sept. 11, Ariana sported a half-up, half-down hairdo featuring Princess Leia style braided buns. So HollywoodLifers, what do you think of this intergalactic look?

Ariana Grande is best known for her fierce and unbeatable high pony tail, so seeing her in double braided buns ala Princess Leia in Star Wars was definitely not the Japan selfie we were expecting. The question is, do you love or loathe this funky twist on Princess Leia's iconic buns?

Ariana Grande's New Hairstyle - Flaunts Princess Leia Hairdo In Japan

It would be a lie to say that Ariana, 21, ever has bad hair days, or at least that we have seen! But this latest, super non-traditional 'do she tried out while in Japan, is definitely one of her most out-there styles ever - in a good way!

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Unlike the classic Princess Leia coif we're used to, not all of the 'Problem' singer's hair is actually confined to the the two buns. Instead she's opted for a traditional half-up, half-down base for her hair, but instead of pulling the 'up' section into a pony tail, or one single bun, she's styled it into two little braided buns high atop each side of her head. Basically, Star Wars 2014 edition.

Seemingly having a lot of fun with this new and different look, Ariana Instagrammed three selfies of herself in the hairstyle, one with the clever caption, 'Dalina don't want none unless u got bunz hun..... (never forgiving myself for this caption) #hadtotho.'

Too cute!

What about the updo though? Is it adorable or just a little too strange Arianators? Do you love or do you loathe? Let us know!

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