Natural, heat

Paige Beaufort on September 11, 2014.

Hairstyling is taking a healthy turn with a new movement for a naturally dried and styled 'do.

Lipstick reported that it's time to stop frying your locks. That's right, this winter you don't need to contribute to that already moisture-hungry hair by using every heat tool in your arsenal. Put down the blow dryer, the hot rollers, the straightener and the curling iron.

Instead the styling will be done with water, creative braids, a dab of product and air. Even runway models at New York Fashion Week had 'hair that was air dried, either fully or part-way, for a natural, relaxed wave.' To get the look, simply braid your hair after washing and undo the plait when it is dry. No heat necessary.

To see the full style profile, see the article here.

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