Managing your natural hair need not be a fulltime job

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I don't often read blogs or look at YouTube channels, but I wanted to know what bloggers and women are saying in the natural hair community, so I decided to read a few articles.

One thing I noticed: Women are spending way to much time on their hair care regimens. Some spend entire weekends conditioning the manes.

So, if your find yourself devoting untold hours to managing your natural hair, we offer these 'dos' and 'don'ts' to help you reclaim your precious time.


* Use food or food-grade products as part of your hair care regimen! Food is meant to be eaten. If food products are put on your scalp and left there (in some cases for weeks), bacteria will build up and your hair will start to mildew and smell...and it's just too hot for that!

* Leave conditioner in your hair ALL weekend. It's not going to hurt you, but why waste all that time if you don't have to?

* Over oil your scalp. Let your scalp breath and generate its own oils via the sebaceous glands. We use this in our salon as a 'healthy hair detector.'


* Use cosmetic-grade products and clarifying shampoos at lease twice a month. This will clean your hair and scalp of all the product build up.

* Use a paraben-free moisturizing conditioner. You'll achieve hydrated hair without the toxic chemicals and itchy scalp. And make sure it has protein, which is great for smoothing and taming the frizz. And since our hair is protein, it'll give you an extra boost of protection for your strands. No matter your texture, leave your conditioner on for at least 20-30 minutes.

* Use an oil rinsing. Although it's an extra step in your shampooing routine, this extra step is beneficial in keeping the ends of your hair from splitting and drying out. This only needs to be applied to the ends of your hair for moisture retention, easier detangling, and for natural shine enhancing. We recommend rosemary or tea tree cosmetic-grade oil, in combination with a paraben-free conditioner.

* Visit a licensed stylist at least every 45 days to get your ends trimmed and a proper consultation for moving forward with keeping your natural hair healthy.

Follow our simple 'dos' and 'don'ts' and you'll be out and about with family and friends in no time, not spending your weekend worrying about your hair.

What's your natural hair care regimen? Sound off below! ***Tracy Riggs Salon is a frequent contributor to The shop is located at 303 E. Woodlawn Rd., Suite 7, Charlotte NC, 28217. Call 704-759-6258 or visit the website at

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