Joey Essex insuring his Fusey hairstyle for £1million

The 24-year-old is hoping Lloyds of London will insure his hairdo, known as The Fusey, to protect one of his most prized assets.

He made the big decision after filming tonight's Educating Joey Essex show, where he travels to America to meet experts on extra-terrestials.

Joey, who signed a six-figure contract with Tesco last year for his D'Reem Hair products, told the Sun: 'In the US some of the geezers who were telling us about aliens said that I had funny hair and that I should cut it. But there is no way.

'Just don't mess with my hair.'

Talking about the World Cup edition of the show, he feared he was going to lose his beloved haircut.

He said: 'When we were in Brazil filming the football 'Educating Joey Essex' I thought these Brazilian hair-dressers were going to bleach my hair. I was so scared.'

'Just don't mess with my hair.'

Joey Essex

In tonight's episode, Joey travels to Area 51 in Nevada to discuss everything alien.

During his time at the US airbase, he revealed: 'You can't fly planes there, so if you do see something in the sky, it's obviously something that's not meant to be there. It's pretty weird, there's no phone signal there.'

Joey has his own hair car range D'Reem for men and A-Lister for women available at Tesco.

Joey said of his hair care line: 'My hair is so important to me, and I really wanted to create something that did its job well and smelt amazing too.

'My styling range has something to help many different types of hairstyles. The scent is reem and will help anyone look red carpet ready.'

Educating Joey Essex: Space Cadet airs at 9pm on ITV2 tonight

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