Harry Styles News: One Direction Singer Shows Off Longer Hair in LA


One Direction is currently on their 'Where We Are' tour in L.A., and Harry Styles was seen out and about showing off his longer locks. On Sept. 3, the 20-year old was seen enjoying the warm sunshine of L.A. while clad in a grey t-shirt, a charcoal long-sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and tan boots. He accessorized with a pair of shades and a brown hat.

The singer's hair was noticeably longer, and his wavy hair almost reaches the tops of his shoulders. According to The Daily Mail, his hair has gotten almost as many fans as the singer himself, resulting in a fake Twitter account in its honor, which is very similar to the hilarious Twitter account dedicated to Lily Collins' eyebrows.

But Styles said that he has a love-hate relationship with his hair, even saying in an interview that his hair is his least favorite part of himself.

'It's hard, because it's kind of my favorite and least favorite,' Styles told Very Magazine. 'I really like it but sometimes it gets in the way, especially when I'm running.'

It is being reported that Styles' influence is strong among British males, as his lush hairstyle caused a 200 increase in male hair extensions. David Beckham is also responsible for this phenomenon, according to the Daily Mail.

However, not everyone is a fan of Styles' longer hair, as singer Lily Allen said that she wants to cut his hair off.

In an interview with Grazia Daily, the singer said that if she could give any person a makeover, it would have to be Harry Styles.

'I'd like to cut his hair off,' said Allen.

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