UPDATE: Fire at Scranton Hair Salon Accidental

Posted 10:19 pm, November 23, 2014, by Suzanne Goldklang,

UPDATE - Investigators said Monday the fire was sparked by a faulty refrigerator motor inside Myer and Esther Carter's Hair Salon and has been ruled accidental.

SCRANTON - Emergency crews in Scranton were kept busy Sunday night.

Flames broke out around 8:30 p.m. in the Myer and Esther Carter Hair Salon on Adams Avenue and also damaged a clothing store next door.

The timing of the fire was pretty tricky with many of Scranton's crews up at Nay Aug Park for a water rescue, so they called for mutual aid.

'It's always difficult when you have two major incidents going on simultaneously. Obviously the incident at the gorge is very manpower intensive and then when you get a fire like this in a commercial structure, that's very manpower intensive also,' said Assistant Fire Chief Jim Floryshak. 'So we did the best we could with the folks that we had recalled, folks that we had on duty, and mutual aid from our neighbors in Dunmore to take care of this fire.'

'I smelled smoke, and then when I looked out the window, the firetrucks and everything were already here,' said owner Myer Carter. 'God bless and hopefully I will be back in business again.'

While firefighters worked to put out the flames, about 65 residents of a halfway house next door were forced out. They were allowed back inside about two hours later.

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