Faux Hawk Hairstyle Gets Cut Off To Shaved Head By An Assistant Principal To ...

Nov 26, 2014 08:47 PM EST

Faux Hawk Hairstyle - Lucas Hull went to school with a new hairstyle he was proud of and got back home with a shaved head, after the assistant principal shaved him.

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The reason, according to Fox 8, was that the hairstyle broke school rules. Hence, when Lucas Hull appeared with a Faux Hawk on Sept. 23, he was immediately called to the cafeteria.

Once he assisted, the situation took an unexpected turn. The assistant principal told Hull he had to either go home or get a haircut there and then. The second option ended up being the one that took place.

'He had so much confidence in him and he was ready to face the world. When he got that haircut his face was, it was, it was hard to see and not break down in class,' said Lauren Hull, Lucas' sister and WHNT 19 News noted.

Lucas then expressed that he felt good about his Faux Hawk and that it looked good on him. When it got cut off, he simply felt what was going on was wrong.

He also said that the hair cut 'provided' to him left patches in his skull and he could hardly feel any hair at all.

Denise Hull, the 17 year-old boy's mother, thinks that the assistant principal went off his way to embarrass her son and humiliate him in front of others. She described it as a type of bullying.

'I think there are scars that go a lot deeper that the haircut; you know of that what happened that particular day,' Denise expressed and Fox 31 reported.

The situation with the faux hawk hairstyle took place in a New York based school. Now, over two months passed and Lucas hair is growing, but according to his mother, he won't forget the situation easily.

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