Has your hairstyle changed with time?

From the beehive to the ombré, the hair industry has seen some significant changes in trends and hairstyles.

Artistic Hair, a salon that has been beautifying clients since 1970, knows how many trends have come and gone throughout time.

Judy Beckey, owner of Artistic Hair, has been doing hair since 1977 says she 'loves the era we're in right now with hair.'

When she started doing hair, the major craze was rollers and backcombing.

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'My clients would go an entire week without washing their hair due to the amount of product and volume I put in their hair,' she said. 'They also had hairpieces that I would style.'

Hairpieces went out of style, but look around you and you'll see a woman sporting one of the latest trends, hair extensions. If you're having a hard time thinking of someone who wears extensions, think of the woman who cut her hair last year and now has amazing, long and beautiful hair.

After the rollers and backcombing, we then moved into the curling iron era.

'The backcombing was still big, we just took different routes to get that volume in the hair,' Beckey said. 'Colors really started getting more and more popular as well.'

Next up, the cutting and blowing became popular. Manipulating the hair with a blow dryer and brush was the new way to gain that voluminous look.

'Backcombing was still big (literally), lets be honest it will never die in Utah,' Beckey said.

Perms maintained a big part of salon services throughout all the eras. What came into the industry later was hair coloring, which is a key part of hair care now.

Beckey said she does a lot of hair colors, 'I love it, and I would have to say it is my favorite service to do.'

The latest hair trend is one that all women have seen or heard of. The flat iron, it is used to curl and straighten the hair.

Wendie Aiken, Judy's daughter has been doing hair for almost 30 years and said, 'Now we use nothing but a flat iron to style the hair.'

Unlike all the other era's, the one we are in today is very different for one particular reason. Anything goes.

'We went through stages with the bob cut, the perms, the mullet,' Aiken said. 'But right now, anything goes.'

Because of this new fashion trend of having whichever hairstyle you want and getting away with it, everyday in the salon is different.

'The salon life has definitely become interesting,' Aiken said. 'I do all kinds of services and styles each week whether it is my loyal shampoo set customer or a mullet on a high school soccer player.'

According to Beckey, braids are back. Eyelash extensions have also had a big part in the local salons. To achieve bigger hair, more and more women are getting hair extensions.

'The bouffant will never die in Utah,' Aiken said. 'Every woman wants big hair or can't get herself to go anywhere without a little poof and volume.'

Aiken has a strong clientele and calls her regular customers her bread and butter.

'They come in knowing what they want, they always come back to me, and they help pay my bills. I have a lot of clients I know I can count on,' Aiken said.

Beckey also has clients who have been coming to her for a number of years.

'I still have a lot of clients who come in for a roller set, a perm or a color and they are my best clients,' Beckey said. 'They have been coming to me for years and we have built a good relationship.'

Right now the business and clientele at Artistic Hair is in a low.

'Because I have been doing this for so long I know it is going to pick up really fast,' Beckey said. 'It slows down whenever there is any kind of election or when it is tax time.'

With the holidays coming up, hair salons everywhere will start to pick up a lot of business.

Saturdays aren't a problem for Artistic Hair, 'They come in after work during the week or wait until Saturday and stand in line behind four other men doing the same thing,' Beckey said.

Stylists at Artistic Hair welcome all the men's haircuts they can get for a few reasons.

'They are so grateful for your time,' Aiken said. 'They are also the biggest tippers.'

Beckey said men are the hardest clients to please because they don't like change. 'Once you figure out their style they have in mind, they love you and won't go to anyone else.'

With trends changing, hairstylists are required to keep their abilities and skills up to date.

'If you want to stay in the business your skills better adapt,' Beckey said.

Beckey takes a few of her experienced stylists to meetings at The Union Station to talk with other Utah salon owners and stylists to compare and discuss hair business, and help improve their salon and stylists.

'We go to hair shows, classes and local meetings to stay educated,' Aiken said. 'Then we return to the salon and teach the rest of our stylists the same tricks and tools we learned.'

A lot of things have changed since 1977 in the hair industry, no longer sending out flyers thanks to Instagram and Facebook. Hairstylists also love when clients bring in photographs on their smartphone of the hairstyle or color they have in mind.

'I love it,' Aiken said. 'It helps me understand what direction they are heading.'

Beckey said it is simply the best way to connect with the client.

Clients bring in pictures of all sorts, but they have chose one woman who has been mimicked, or copied the most.

'Definitely Jennifer Anniston, she has changed her hair throughout the years so many times and I can distinctly remember each stage just because I have had so many clients bring in pictures of her,' Aiken said.

Anniston has always had a distinct style to her hair, but it has never been extremely bold.

'I have had a lot of clients want her hair color,' Beckey said. 'Plus, she is beautiful too, so that helps.'

You would think hairdressers would change their hair often, right? Some hairstylists forget to change their own style with time, others change every other week.

'I am in the process of changing my hair, I am in that in between stage,' Beckey said. 'This is not a good time to ask about my hair.'

With all the trends and styles current and past, Artistic Hair stylists wouldn't go back in time and re-live those hair trends.

'I wouldn't ever want to go back to rollers,' Beckey said. 'I love the styles I am doing now. I love the trends now. Everyday in the salon is new and fresh, it is great.'

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