Ariana Grande Hairstyle: Did 'Problem' Singer Change Up Signature Hair And ...

Could Ariana Grande possibly be thinking of getting an extreme makeover? The ' Break Free' and ' Problem' singer has always been known for her ponytail hairstyle, but could fans soon see a much shorter hairdo on the singer? Don't count on it, as she revealed that she's actually 'afraid' to chop off her signature locks.

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According to The Sun Daily, Ariana's going to be keeping her pin-straight, brunette hair just as it is for as long as she possibly can.

When asked by the news site if she ever thought about taking some scissors to her locks, she exclaimed, 'Never! Not on your life. I'm so scared of that,' adding that 'the thought of cutting it literally makes me shiver.'

And it seems like she has a good reason as to why she doesn't want to chop it off, as it took her forever to grow it out and get it healthy after having to dye it red for a TV role.

'It took me forever to regrow my healthy hair after it got really broken and damaged on Victorious because I had to dye it red all the time,' the star admitted. 'Only just now is my hair 100 percent healthy and I don't have to wear as many extensions anymore.'

And what does her boyfriend Big Sean think about Ariana cutting her hair? Well, the rapper is allegedly trying to make the starlet change her signature 'do, but he wants her to keep the same length and just wear it out of a ponytail, according to the International Business Times.

'He tells her she's beautiful with the ponytail, too, but he's been encouraging her to wear her hair down more, he likes it,' the source explained.

When it comes down to it, Ari isn't really focused on her hair, saying she doesn't know why she has gotten so much heat for her now-signature look.

'It's weird for me because the reason behind the half-ponytail is to keep it off my face. But I appreciate that, especially since I got so much heat for it at first, people were like, 'Why won't she get rid of that damn hair?' I was like, 'Um, well, it's convenient and I hope there's more to me than just my hair.''

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