John Frieda brings Beach Blonde salt spray back onto the hair care market

By Deanna Utroske

Products from the archives of popular beauty brands are coming back in many sectors; fragrance, color cosmetics and now hair care with the return of this four-product collection from Kao USA's John Frieda.

The Beach Blonde collection that will return to store shelves next year comprises a shampoo, conditioner, a sea salt spray and a lightening spray.

Sunshine in a bottleThe idea behind the John Frieda line is that these products will make consumers' hair look as though they've spent plenty of time sunning on the beach: blonde, textured, and artfully faded.

'Each product is formulated to help you look like you spent a day at the beach-minus the sand. First, the professional-inspired, lightweight shampoo and conditioner formulas nourish and purify detoxify and smooth strands, revealing shimmering blonde hair with soft, touchable texture,' according to the company's announcement to the press.

It goes on, 'then, create the perfect windblown waves, tousled texture or piecey definition to bring out your sun-kissed highlights with the revamped sea salt-infused Salt Spray and Lightening Spray.'

By requestThese products have been off the market for over ten years. And, the company has apparently been hearing from disappointed customers all that time, requesting they return the collection to store shelves.

To get their loyal brand ambassadors and prospective new consumers talking, John Frieda turned to social media. The company ran a poll asking fans about which archived John Frieda product they'd most likely purchase again if possible. In the 'Vote Now to Bring Back Your Favorite Throwback' customers reportedly voted most to bring back the original Beach Blonde product called Ocean Waves Texurizing Styler.

'When we first introduced the Beach Blonde™ Sea Spray in the early 2000's, we started the laid-back beach waves trend that has since become a coveted style's only fitting that now we're bringing this beloved product lineup back,' said Karen Frank, vice president of marketing for the company.

Counter trend strategyWhen many hair care product consumers are turning to anti-aging hair treatments that are formulated to slow or reverse the effects of sun exposure and time, a product that promises to deliver 'beach-worthy hair' is counter-intuitive.

Products on trend in the anti-aging hair category provide hair strengthening solutions, gray reversal and hair regrowth. Healthy, strong-looking hair is the sought-after beauty trend now.

The John Frieda product line is more on trend with the fashion industry's resort collections, which show beach and cruise wear in late December and early January. With Beach Blonde products consumers will have the option of looking as though they've just returned from warmer climates and relaxing tropical islands. Time will tell if this look of travel and leisure, without the damage of actual sun exposure, is what consumers want this season.

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