Hilarious photo show's Paul Rudd's college hairstyle

Andy Kropa /Andy Kropa /Invision/AP

Back in the 80s, 'Ant Man' had an epic mane.

A photo circulating online from Paul Rudd's college days shows the ageless actor sporting a wild, shoulder-length hairstyle.

The photo started making the rounds on social media after someone who appeared to be a University of Kansas student posted it to Reddit.

The 1988 pic is from Rudd's own Jayhawk days, when he was member of the Sigma Nu fraternity.

The poster, SmoothBread, said the frat had a hard time hanging on to old photos of the 'Anchorman' star.

'Our composites with Rudd in them always get stolen so we have to keep our chapter room locked and keep an eye on [them],' he wrote.

'I've seen pics of him with loooong hair in some scrapbooks it's pretty funny,' he added.

Rudd's metalhead look caused a stir among fans on social media Tuesday.

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