Holy Hair! Paul Rudd's College Yearbook Photo Is Absolutely Amazing—Take a ...

So it's now proven that Paul Rudd does not age, but he does switch up his hairstyle every 20-ish years.

Last night, a Redditor named SmoothBread shared an epic yearbook photo of the funny actor from his days as a Sigma Nu fraternity brother at the University of Kansas in the '80s, and aside from realizing that Paul Rudd looks exactly the same, we also can't overlook that wild and sexy hair! Get it, Paul!

The 45-year-old star rocked a crazy mane when he was a younger lad, which leads us to believe that he was probably just as cool as we thought he would be in his college days. And although the charming and hilarious celeb continues to make fans swoon with his more mature and controlled 'do, we wouldn't mind if he opted to bring the big hair back. Just sayin'.

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Rudd is a proud Kansas alumni and native, and showed that off recently when he attended the historic The Kansas City Royals game in October, when they finished a four-game sweep of the American League Championship Series with a 2-1 victory over the , advancing them to the World Series for the first time in 29 years.

He told KMBC 9 News on the field at Kauffman Stadium that night, 'This is amazing, the entire town feels it. When we went on that win streak this summer, I thought this could legitimately happen.'

And he even decided to throw a house party to celebrate! 'Party at my mom's house man! She's out of town, I've got a keg. It's going to be sweet,' Rudd joked. 'Five dollar cover!'

Sure, he's kidding now, but we bet crazy-haired Paul Rudd in the '80s would have totally been down!

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