Kylie Jenner's solo shoot for V Magazine proves there's a new model in town

By Chelsea White for MailOnline

Staring down the camera with wet hair falling over her face, heavily lined eyes and long black nails, Kylie Jenner is the perfect edgy model.

The youngest of the Kardashian clan is now proving that she is a star all on her own in a new shoot for V Magazine.

For seven years the world has watched on as the 17-year-old changed from a rambunctious cherub faced youngster whose most important activity was causing playful havoc, to a fashionista and cover girl who is a style icon to many.

While the thought of growing up in front of millions of people's eyes may seem unfathomable to most, the teen told V Magazine this week she could not imagine any other life.

The reality star, who graces the fashion magazine's September issue, said: 'We [herself and sister Kendall] don't even remember a time before the show and before the cameras and all that.

'It's all kind of normal to us.'

Being so used to cameras no doubt helped the teenage for her shoot, with the young star showing all the posing skills of seasoned models.

It seems older sister Kendall - who has walked in New York Fashion Week and is a sought after model for top magazines across the world - may have some competition.

For the magazine shoot in one image, the brunette stares off into the distance while wearing a red and lace slip under a woolly Emporio Armani chevron coat that was perfectly draped around her.

In the other photo, Kylie is styled in a more feminine version of her favoured high fashion goth look with her wet hair pushed to one side to reveal her extensive ear piercings while she wears a spider web inspired lace top and a stack of Cartier bracelets.

Kylie is also model material as she has hours of posing practice under her belt thanks to her constant Instagram selfies.

The 17-year-old she is passionate about her social media: 'I'm obsessed with Instagram.

'Kendall showed it to me, and my mom was on Twitter before me, so I was kind of the last one in the family to get on social media.'

While she may have been the last to get into Instagram, Kylie is a quick learner with pictures of her enviable life earning her 11.5 million followers.

On Wednesday, the 17-year-old turned a trip to her local convenience store into an impromptu Instagram photo shoot.

In the picture, the star covers her face on her new long black hair extensions and poses wearing a pair of designer tracksuit pants and a white crop top.

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