Kardashian Sisters Launching Hair Care Line Soon; Baby North West Tests ...

Kim Kardashian-West along with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are venturing out with Farouk Systems to launch a line of hair care tools and styling products, which will be known as Kardashian Beauty products. This line will be targeting salon owners, as well as the masses. This is the first time the Houston based company has collaborated with the Kardashian beauties to expand the base of their products.

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok ( Kim Kardashian West declared that her kid loves to brush her own hair. file photo/ REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

This will also mark the debut of the Kardashian sisters in hair care line after their foray in fragrance and makeup products. The sisters claim that they endeavour to provide the best quality products for their fans and offer these at extremely affordable prices.

The products will be launched by next spring. The early assortment includes three kinds of hair tools, which are a flatiron, a blow-dryer and one three-in-all tool. This will also have seven kinds of hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, curl cream and Black Seed Dry Oil.

As reported by WWD, Kim is really impressed by the line of products, especially the Black Seed Dry Oil. She is even testing the oil on her daughter North's hair for quite some time now. She says that she uses the same oil for her daughter so that her hair stays in one place.

'North likes to brush her own hair. You start with a brush and then you have to get a second brush [for her]. Right when you get it all perfect, she takes the brush and starts doing it herself', the reality star said lovingly about her kid. 'I just started using our oil because I needed to slick it [her hair] back and make it stay. I just use a drop of it, but then she brushes it and likes to mess it all up,' she added.

WWD also reported that Kim uses the most products among the sisters. However, she reduced the use of several possibly risky beauty products after giving birth to her daughter. She admitted that once she had the baby, she went without makeup or any other beauty or hair product for the first four months.

Kim, who is a self-confessed fan of selfies, admitted that a good hairdo must be captured on a 'hair selfie'. The reality star will soon be releasing a book of selfies called 'Selfish' in April 2015. This release will coincide with the launch of Kardashian Beauty products.

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