What Color Did Demi Lovato Dye Her Hair Last Night?

Demi Lovato has been the Queen of Colorful Hair for a long time. She's gone pink, she's been blue, she's dabbled in purple-she even has her own line of colorful hair extensions. While she's been brunette with light ends for a while, Demi is ready for a change.

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Last night, Demi shared the above Instagram, with the caption 'I need some color in my life.... ' While Demi didn't share what color she's going-seriously, there's no trace of evidence and we scoured the photo-we imagined a few options she may consider. We even drew up what it would look like, because we are so curious about what's in store.

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While Demi has had dark purple tips, she hasn't tried a vibrant lavender. A colorful ombre is the simplest 'do we've imagined for her-she's on tour and very busy, after all.

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One color Demi hasn't tried yet is green, which is a hard color to pull off. With Katy Perry leading the 'slime green' trend, though, there is now ample proof that green can be done and, LBR, if anyone can make it #WERK, it's Demi.

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Demi is a hardcore Halloween enthusiast, so maybe she's considering a pumpkin-inspired hue? Or two hues, I guess. This orange and green ombre would get her in the holiday spirit-it could be incorporated into her costume, if she decided to be a pumpkin.

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If she wanted to get really colorful, she could try a blend of three colors, starting with the darkest at the top. If this ~lewk~ is achievable outside of a computer, we'd really like to know.

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And, finally, the most colorful of them all: rainbow hair. The only real clue in Demi's Instagram is that whatever color(s) her new hair is, it's gonna be vivid (see: the box in the left-hand corner), and it doesn't get much more vivid than a multicolor 'do. How cool would this be? The coolest? K, great, glad we're in agreement.

Hopefully Demi will let us know what color she actually dyed her hair soon-until then we'll just be Photoshopping different colors onto her head.

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