'The Conor McGregor' man

Conor McGregor. Photo: Stephen R. Sylvanie / SPORTSFILE

Conor McGregor is the name on everyone's lips this week thanks to his epic win in the ring, but it's his signature hairstyle that has been trending in the capital's barbershops.

According to Tanya Mason of The Grafton Barbers, men in their late teens right through to their mid thirties are now seeking to replicate 'The Conor McGregor' look of shaved sides and a small ponytail or bun on top.

'We've definitely had a good few in here looking for something similar, in the last week I've personally had at least two or three guys looking for it, or trying to grow out their hair at the top,' Tanya told Independent.ie.

'There had been lots of people in looking for his previous haircut, the more slicked back look, too. But recently it's been the shaved sides and ponytail look that's more popular,' she added.

The New York Times called the trend in early 2012, noticing a rise in men sporting top-knots, sikh knots and man buns, or 'muns' to use its portmanteau.

Of course, its popularity can be traced a lot further back; George Harrison of The Beatles grew one when he developed an interest in the Hare Krishna movement, Tom Cruise sported one in the Nineties, David Beckham brought it to a new generation in the Noughties, and A listers including Colin Farrell, Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Leonardo DiCaprio have embraced the style as of late.

Once One Direction member Harry Styles jumped on board and a dedicated Tumblr site (' F*** yeah, men with beards') was born, the man-bun cemented its place as the hairstyle of 2014.

So can McGregor be credited with bringing his variation of the trend to the fore in Ireland?

'The shaved sides and bun look started off with the cool kids, kind of a 'hipster' look that was paired with a beard, then as the beard trend blew up...everyone and their granny grew a bun,' notes brand influencer Daniel O'Farrell.

'Then the older 'cool kids' dropped it but since McGregor took it up, it has fastly risen in popularity, particularly around Dublin, and it remains very strong in rave culture,' Daniel added.

Keith Rock (28) agrees with this sentiment: 'Mine started with a 1950s look of slicked back hair, but I changed it up by shaving the sides and decided I may as well grow a ponytail. I'm rocking this a good six months before anyone else jumped on board...mine was already down my neck before McGregor put his in a bobbin,' Keith states.

Keith believes that while those who originally adopted this hairstyle have since moved on, the trend shows no sign of abating in the near future.

'There is a lot more people wanting to do this, and it is now moving down through the years. I think it will keep going, depending on school policy on haircuts,

'Older guys will continue to come up with a different 'in' hairstyle or different variations of the 'mun', and it will always fade from the older generation and move to the young,' he said.

However, for some the hairstyle is not a trend statement, but simply born out of practicality:

'I actually tie it up to get it out of the way,' says student Cathal O'Reilly (22). 'If I don't have anything in it it gets in the way. But I like having it longer cause I can do other stuff with it, mine still has a bit to go, but I think it looks alright....I hope!'

Boys will be boys.

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