The Only Thing Better Than Demi Lovato's Cool New Hair Color Is That You Can ...

We can always count on Demi Lovato to provide us with some delightful celebrity hair gawking before the weekend. Nobody changes their hair like she does, and she seems to know it, too. Today she debuted a new look with a little Instagram video that started out with an actual bag over her head.

'Hey guys, guess what? I changed my hair color again!' she said from underneath the hot pink Halloween tote bag. 'If you want to keep up, you've got to go to!'

Then she whipped the little bag off her head to reveal that her hair is now black and teal, like Kylie Jenner's used to be.

It's a cool look, but this kind of rapid hair-switching seems like it would require a lot of work and maintenance. On the other hand, the product Lovato is hawking in this video actually seems like it might be useful for people who want to change their hair color a lot without spending the time and money on it.

The site that she mentions in the video is a place selling Demi Lovato-endorsed temporary hair extensions. They seem to be on a thin elastic headband that lets you take them on and off at will. Lovato herself does not appear to be wearing extensions-her new teal color appears to be real-but the stretchy elastic hairband seems like a good option for those of us who have to abide by dress codes at school or at boring day jobs.

Photo: Instagram/DDlovato

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