One Direction: The FOUR definitive Hair Styles of Harry Styles…

We know Celebrities LOVE to change their hair styles... we see it all the time.

Demi Lovato has had her hair all the colours under the sun, and Britney Spears even lobbed her locks off one time. But, we're more interested in the evolution of Harry Styles' luscious locks!

If there's one thing that remains about Harry Styles' hair, no matter which way he has it done, it's always BIG. Harry Styles just has big hair, whether it's scraped back, or just left looking like a birds nest.

Some of the One Direction lads - especially Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles - have gotten a bit of flack in the past because of their hair, but it seems like Harry doesn't care.

In the words of Harry Styles: 'LONG HAIR, DON'T CARE!'

So, here's our definitive guide to Harry Styles' hair styles!

The Boff

When Harry Styles appeared on The X Factor, his hair was a bit of a mess, wasn't it? We had to wonder whether he ever even washed it, or even pushed a comb through it.

If you look back at his X Factor audition, you'll see what we mean. It was all over the place. It literally looked like a bird had been nesting in it.

We like the call it the 'I Don't Care' hair!

The Sweep

Following on from the 'I Don't Own a Brush' hair (yes, it has lots of names!), Harry had a bit more of a sweeping style going on, which was a little less messy than the boffy hair he sported during his first audition.

It appears Harry Styles found the MARVELLOUS creation of the Hair Straightener, as his hair didn't appear to be AS wild as it was before. In fact, it seemed a little more tame.

The Curly Qiff

Wanting to switch it up a little bit, Harry opted for another hairstyle, which we've branded 'The Curly Quiff'.

Harry has PERFECT hair for a ruddy good quiff, as it's naturally out of control, so the height he can get is amazing.

We're a little jealous of his quiffability.

The Scrapeback!

We originally wanted to call it 'The Ponytail', but as long as Harry's hair might be, it really cannot be classed as a ponytail.

However, we've recently seen Harry Styles sporting a more scraped back look. After all these years, it must get exhausting to tackle his hair every day, so he's just decided to scrape it back and shove a bobble in it.

We're sure plenty know how he feels on a lazy Sunday...

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