New York Fashion Week: Hair gets real


Nine am is a little closer to when DJ and model Harley Viera-Newton usually gets to bed, but even 'It' girls have to pay their bills.

Newton, a transplanted Brit who moved to New York, at 10, with her well-connected family (her father is the president of Columbia Records, her mother a Brazilian former Dior model), started DJ-ing while studying at NYU and is regularly found behind the DJ booths at New York bars and clubs The Jane, Avenue and Lit.

Newton is holding court on the rooftop of the Viceroy Hotel, in Manhattan's midtown, talking with Tresemme global stylist Matthew Curtis about the best hair looks to come out of September's NYFW, where she's been front row and backstage, and filming with Curtis for Tresemme's Youtube channel.

'This week has been great for me, as I clearly I have a lot of hair,' she says, gesturing to her long, straight blonde hair.

'But I've never really known what to do with it, so it's been really fun to experiment ... I would always see these models and think 'oh that's nice but it's not achievable, that's not for me'.

'A lot of the hair this season has been wearable, you can imagine the models walking off the runway and onto the street and still looking great. Nothing too crazy, just super effortless.'

She's talking about the biggest hair trend to come out of Fashion Week, dubbed 'normcore'. The no-logo, dressed-down, anti-trend has been having a fashion moment all year and at NYFW spring/summer 15 it migrated to the tips of every model's (day-old) hair.

A few days earlier, backstage at designer Misha Nonoo's show in the meatpacking district, Curtis called the look 'effortless, soft, not too overdone or quaffed' and quipped that it's a real excuse to let yourself go.

Well, almost. The models at Misha Nonoo were rocking a 90's supermodel (Kate Moss, anyone?) modern wave, sleek at the roots, with, says Curtis, 'lots of texture at the base to create a touch of romance and beautiful movement.

'The Salon Finish Extra Control Mousse, $9.29, gives it that texture, you can drag it through the hair to give it that Grecian feel. It's a really versatile product, and that's the key.'

The best thing about normcore? As Viera-Newton says: 'If I can do it anyone can do it.'

- Sunday Magazine

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