Justin Bieber's New Hairstyle Is Really Speaking To Me

Some artists are defined by their iconic outfits. Take Michael Jackson and his band jackets for example. Or Madonna and that inimitable Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. Others have signature hairstyles they will always be known for. Lady Gaga has her hair bow, and no matter how much older he gets or how his mane changes, the ' Justin Bieber haircut' will always look like this:


Those swoopy banged days are over (and have been for a few years now, TBH), but that doesn't keep me from paying attention to his every snip and split end to this day. What's the latest in breaking Bieber hair news? This Adidas headbanded style. It's a whole lotta look:

Justin Bieber's Shots

This isn't the first time Biebsy has dabbled in headbands. There have been skinny elastic ones and paisley 2Pac-channelling bandana ones, but this sweatband he wore for a quick trip to the mall and also posed in for a Shots selfie is reeeeeeally speaking to me. What's it saying? Oh, y'know, a bunch of stuff!

Here's a sampling:

But most of all...

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