Harry Styles Ditches Curly Mane For Hair Braid And Man Bun (PHOTO)

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When it comes to style, Harry Styles is always up for trying something new and uncoventional, be it a leopard print shirt or a onesie, but it seems the star's outlandish style even extends to that curly mane of his after the singer was seen rocking a new hair braid and man bun on Friday (Oct. 3)!

While the One Direction star usually jazzes up his 'do with the aid of a fedora hat or a bandana, it seems this time Harry was up for trying something different, with the help of his band's hair stylist, Lou Teasdale.

The hair talent uploaded a photo of Styles, 20, and his interesting new hair style on Instagram, captioning it: 'Ladies and gentleman, my male grooming skillz'.

But it didn't seem as though Teasdale's efforts went down well with fans as she later tweeted: 'I'm really soz about his hair'.

What do you reckon on Lou's efforts? (Instagram/LouTeasdale)

Despite the vast amount of love his barnet receives, the singer previously revealed he finds it a struggle to look after, and at times it can be a bit of a pain!

Opening up to Very magazine about his least-favourite feature the popstar confessed: 'Probably my hair. It's hard because it's kind of my favourite and my least favourite. I really like it, but sometimes it gets in the way, especially when I'm running.'

First world problems, eh!

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