Breaking Hair News: Justin Bieber Bleaches Hair, Goes Platinum Blonde

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Justin Bieber has platinum blonde hair!

The 20-year-old was just spotted out with a new hair color. Cameras caught Bieber right after he bleached his hair. Check out the photos to see his new look!

Bieber's been making a lot of changes lately. After going on a religious mission, Bieber decided to move on from Selena Gomez with a new girl, then decided to move out of his Beverly Hills condo and now it appears that he's changed his hair!

Yesterday, cameras caught Bieber leaving a hair salon in West Hollywood, Calif. Bieber tried to hide his face from cameras, but he couldn't hide his platinum hair!

Launch the gallery to see all of the photos of Bieber's new hair color! After you check out the photos, let us know what you think! Do you like his platinum blonde hair? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, it's now being reported that Bieber just got a new house! According to , Bieber moved into a glass house in the Beverly Hills area. The house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a seven-car garage! The house is 6,537 square feet and it's renting for about $60K a month. Wow! From a new hair color to a new house, Bieber's definitely making some changes in his life.


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