Jake Owen Chops Off Signature Long Hair, Says His New Style Is "High and Tight"

Ray Tamarra/GC Images; Twitter

Short hair, don't hair!

's famous long locks are a thing of the past now that the country crooner decided to chop off all of his signature long hair yesterday.

Owen teased fans with photos of the dramatic makeover on Twitter, originally writing, ' Ughhhhh ohhhhhhhhh..........'

Just moments later, he posted a picture of inches of hair strewn on the floor with the caption, 'And they said I wouldn't...'

And before showing off the final product to everyone, Owen explained how it's taking some time for his family to get used to his new short hairstyle.

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'My 18 yr old nephew @owenbailey90 just text me and said he doesn't even remember me with short hair...Well...#weallwantwhatweaintgot.'

He then snapped a selfie while sitting in his car, with a confident glaze, and joked, 'High and tight.'

We can't lie, the 'Beachin' singer looks good with short locks, but we're still working through all the stages of grief over his beautiful mane.

After all, it has been his trademark look since he released his debut studio album, Startin' With Me, back in 2006.

What do you think about Owen's new 'do? Do you miss the shoulder-length tresses or are you totally digging his clean-cut style? Tell us below!

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