WTF?! Pouting Max George shows off long hair (and VERY sexy chest) in funny ...


Max George rocked long hair yesterday

Max George is better known with a shaved head

We were SHOCKED when Max George stepped out like this

Max George is loved-up with American Carrie Baker

Has Max George landed a part in a remake of Braveheart? The Man In The Iron Mask? Or perhaps he's started a new career as a Meatloaf impersonator?!

There's got to be SOME explanation for the, er, interesting Twitter selfie he posted yesterday.

Max, 26, shared a snap of himself rocking wispy chest-length hair, which appeared to have been created with extensions added on to his natural short 'do.

It's a pretty big departure from his shaven-headed days in The Wanted, right?

On Instagram, joker Max captioned the picture: 'Something just feels different...but i cant quite put my finger on it.'

He wrote on Twitter: 'Thinking of growing my hair;).'

The rest of Max's attire only added to his Tarzan-esque look.

He showed off his impressive pecs, bulging arm muscles and sexy tattoos in a VERY low-cut grey vest and stared down into the camera with a smouldering pout.

We've come up with a couple of reasons as to why Max may have given long locks a try.

After The Wanted announced their split earlier this year, Max - who was once engaged to Mark Wright's girl Michelle Keegan - jetted to Hollywood to pursue his acting career.

He decided to stay in the States after meeting his stunning American girlfriend Carrie Baker.

Max has already filmed a part in the upcoming final season of high school show Glee. He plays a character named Clint, who's a leader of New Directions' rivals Vocal Adrenaline.

Could his transformation be for another role...?

Then again, he could have just been having a laugh. It's totally possible that Oklahoma beauty contestant Carrie had some hair pieces lying around.

And this isn't the first time Max has shocked us with a new style. Remember when he first grew out his skinhead in favour of a brunette quiff?! *mind blown*.

Either way, let's hope he keeps posting photos of that hunky bod...

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