North Korea Kim Jong Un Haircut, Most Searched Celeb Hairstyle 2014 ...

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North Korea Kim Jong Un Haircut, Most Searched Celeb Hairstyle 2014? 'Chinese Smuggler Style'

North Korea Kim Jong Un Haircut. As is done every year, Yahoo has compiled its list of most searched terms for 2014. And the topic 'Kim Jong Un's Horrific Bowl Cut' was one of the hot search terms in the Celeb hairstyle category.

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Predictable figures like David Beckham (No. 1), Jessica Alba (No. 5), and Taylor Swift (No. 7) all nabbed a placement, but the most LOL-inducing position went to No. 9: the 'Chinese smuggler haircut' donned by Kim Jong-un,' shares

'Our leader's haircut is very particular, if you will,' a source told Radio Free Asia. 'It doesn't always go with everyone, since everyone has different face and head shapes.' Yet, Kim Jong Un has made it compulsory for all men to wear this hairstyle to stop anarchy in the state.

A North Korean man who is a resident of China referred to Kim Jong Uns' haircut as the 'Chinese Smuggler Haircut,' which is what the 'inverted bowl cut' was called initially.

'Until the mid-2000s, we called it the 'Chinese smuggler haircut,'' the Korea Times reported. Before Kim ordered that all Korean men should have his hair cut, free men in North Korea were ordered to choose a style from 10 haircuts approved by the state. In comparison, women are allowed to wear 18 different styles, also approved by the government of N. Korea.

According to BBC, this is not the first time that N. Korean has placed so much focus on hairstyles. At one point, the North Korean state TV began a campaign that said, 'Let us trim our hair in accordance with the Socialist lifestyle,' the NY Post reports.

North Korea watchers saw the 'bowl cut' on the N. Korean dictator as a light hearted topic of conversation and a London Salon, M&M Hair Academy put up a sign that said, 'Bad Hair Day, 15% off on all gents haircuts' with Kim's hairdo pictured in the ad. However, 'officials at the country's embassy, which is just a short walk away from the salon, visited to complain and wrote to the Foreign Office asking it to take 'necessary action' to stop 'the provocation,' a British diplomatic source said, adding that the Foreign Office was considering its response,' reported.

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