Healthy Hair: 10 Winter Hair Care Tips

With the winter season comes dry brittle lifeless hair. These top 10 tips will help reduce dry brittle hair and help to keep your locks growing healthy and strong.

TIP #1 Dry brittle ends causing you problems? Regular trims every 6-8 weeks with help reduce the chance of dry splitting ends.

TIP #2 Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons can suck the moisture out of your hair. Try incorporating more wet sets, wraps and pin curl styles to minimize heat damage and dryness.

TIP #3 Hair color fading? Avoid shampooing hair in extreme steam hot water to avoid increase color fading and dryness. Use luke warm water to shampoo and when rinsing out conditioner, finish with a cool rinse of water to seal cuticles and lock in moisture.

TIP #4 Shampoo less and deep condition more. Reduce your shampooing to once a week to avoid dry brittle hair but deep condition with products with natural oils to add and hold in moisture during the cold winter months.

TIP #5 Step away from the brush! Hair is more delicate in winter months so avoid over brushing especially wet hair. When detangling use a wide tooth comb and comb out hair from the ends to the roots to avoid tangling and breakage.

TIP #6 Dry flaky scalp? Switch to a shampoo with zinc or sulphur which works as an antibacterial agent to help eliminate flakes and dry itchy scalp.

TIP# 7 Static electricity causing your hair to stand up? Try using a humidifier at night to increase moisture in the air and reduce uncontrollable fly away hair.

TIP #8 Protective styles are an excellent way to reduce dry damaged hair from the winter months. Styles such as braids, up do's and hair extensions can help reduce excessive heat damage.

TIP #9 As much as I love a matching hat and scarf set they can be damaging to our hair causing breakage. Try wrapping the hair in a silk or satin scarf before putting on your favorite hat also pin a silk or satin scarf in the collar of your coat to avoid excessive rubbing of your hair to protect your tresses from dryness and damage.

TIP #10 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink plenty of water to maintain needed moisture inside and out. This will help protect your hair from dryness.

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