Vance Joy On His Music, Taylor Swift And Haircare Routines: Interview

Neon Tommy had the opportunity to interview the talented musician Vance Joy before his performance at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

Neon Tommy: How was your Thanksgiving? Did you spend your Thanksgiving in real American style?

Vance Joy: So it was my first Thanksgiving and I was staying at the hotel and we're a crew of about ten people. Basically the sound guys, my manger, the whole band-- so about ten strong. We had lunch there. It wasn't like being at someone's house. It was quieter and we had the whole back area to ourselves.

It's so nice when everyone is on holiday there is that feeling on the street where everything is so quiet relaxed-- you can't manufacture that. Everyone is so chilled-out and then you feel more chilled out as a result. So it's nice, I feel the holiday mode.

NT: What is your favorite holiday?

VJ: I think Christmas time is good because you get to hang out with the family. You kind of close the doors on jobs and just stay in and do nothing which is the greatest thing in the world.

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NT: How has your experience been in the U.S. and with touring?

VJ: So far, it has been amazing. It's the longest tour I've done. We've been on the road for three months just all over. I think I'm really lucky to be in a band with these guys. They're all good dudes and we get along real well. We watch 'The Sopranos' together; it's like you watch 'The Sopranos' together and it builds you as a team. I don't know what I'm talking about.

We've been to a lot of places and we got to go rollerblading at Venice Beach yesterday which was one of the highlights [and] we all went bowling. So everytime we get a chance to do something different to kind of just unwind or totally disengage from the fact that we're on this routine which is like sleep on the bus then play a show and sleep on a bus and play a show. Anything to step out of that world for a moment is good.

NT: Has there been any specific venue that you've enjoyed the most?

VJ: We played in Montreal and the crowds there were just incredible because they were so enthusiastic and just so amped and they make so much noise, it's incredible. So playing for them is always such a pleasure.

NT: Do you plan to do music in the long run?

VJ: I spent about six years doing my law agree and I did an arts degree as well. I don't think my passion is there. I think I will keep doing music for as long as I write songs, keep feeling good and have that drive to do it. Because I mean you find yourself in an interesting position asking yourself 'What am I doing?' because you can get in this routine of just doing things.

You get pointed in a direction to just do it but I still have that desire, it's still there to make music. So for as long as I have that and as long as I can write a decent song, I'll do it.

NT: What keeps that drive going-- whether it's inspiration or simply being able to play a show nearly every night?

VJ: Sugar. I think the possibly that there might be a cookie or piece of cake waiting for me. I think I eat too much sugar, there are days where I'm just like have I eaten any sugar today and then I get worried. And then there's coffee. So those are more like chemical dependencies that I have and addictions.

But beyond that it's like a desire. It's hard to define-- I just want to keep doing it and I want to get better at playing live and I want to be a better performer and I want to be more confident on stage. So I think the more I get out there every time even if it's tiring I feel that if I keep doing it I'll get better, you can only improve.

NT: You have some exciting news coming up, which is your tour with Taylor Swift. What do you have to say about that?

VJ: I have to say I'm very excited and I feel very lucky that she chose me to be on tour with her and I feel pretty blessed to have a whole year touring with her playing the biggest venues I'm sure. I don't know how many opportunities you get to play in stadiums with huge amounts of people.

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NT: So you have to tell us. We've been dying to ask you this question, your hair care routine. What is your secret?

VJ: So my secret it's probably not that amazing. I get out of the shower and I kind of put this stuff in my hair. It's this Kevin Murphy stuff and it smells really good and I kind of just put it in and scrunch-- it's all about the scrunch. So yeah for curly hair it's the scrunch.

SR: So it's all about the scrunch?

VJ: Yeah, it's all about the scrunch. I did have a bad haircut experience recently and I've become a better person because of it. I've learned to deal with it. I think I've become more humble and less vain as the result of that terrible haircut.

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