Titi Branch, Miss Jessie's co

Hagen, Kevin Freelance NYDN/Freelance, NYDN

Titi Branch, the 45-year-old Queens native who rose to prominence with her Soho hair salon and line of popular Miss Jessie products, is dead.

Branch died on Dec. 4 of an apparent suicide, according to an obituary in NV Magazine.

Her sister Miko Branch, who co-operated Miss Jessie's salon, seemed to acknowledge the loss Sunday morning with a simple tweet of her sister's name with a heart next to it.

The Twitter feed for Miss Jessie's salon has been silent for last two days except for a single message 'Titi! posted Sunday morning.

The Miss Jessie's products, named for the sisters' beloved grandmother, helped set the standard in the natural hair care industry.

Born to African-American and Japanese parents, the sisters searched for healthy ways to style their curly hair.

Hagen, Kevin Freelance NYDN/Freelance, NYDN

Branch enjoyed breakthrough success when her formulas such as Curly Meringue, Curly Buttercreme and Baby Buttercreme were picked up and sold at Target, Wal-Mart and other major chain drug stores.

Described as a book-smart tomboy, Titi Branch grew up thinking she would become a reporter, according to her biography on her company's website.

After a stint as a field producer on WABC-TV, Branch started her own business representing celebrity photographers.

In 1997, she and Miko opened Curve Salon in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. They later renamed it for their grandmother, Jessie Mae Pittman.


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