The Holiday Party Hairstyle Trend You Never Saw Coming (It's Easy!)

Unless you're a skilled warrior with bobby pins and hairspray, your holiday party hairstyles are probably similar to mine, varying between loose and wavy or pulled back into a bun or low ponytail. Well, add a new option to your roster, lazy girls, because I found something that seems to be trending and looks crazy easy.

It's the top-knot we've gotten used to seeing, placed directly on top of your head, but only using half of your hair, letting the rest hang free and loose. The key is to keep it super messy, like you just pulled your hair up to do your makeup and then waltzed out of the house. I spotted in on NastyGal and ASOS, who showed the model from the back, too, so you can get a feel of how it looks going.

I've never seen this style done purposefully before, and it definitely grabbed my attention. I'll see if it pops up elsewhere, but, really, this seems more than a random coincidence.

Do you like how it looks? Would you try for holiday cocktails?

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