Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs, And Kristen Stewart's Hair Dragged Into Latest ...

HollywoodLife can't stop, won't stop, but needs to stop 'reporting' on Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs, and Kristen Stewart. On Tuesday night, the webloid reached a new level of both ridiculousness and mean-spiritedness in its newest story about the trio, just the latest HollywoodLife attempt to create a love triangle that DOES NOT EXIST.

'Robert Pattinson: Why Kristen Stewart Isn't Sexy To Him Anymore,' blares HollywoodLife's headline, with its article claiming the site has 'learned EXCLUSIVELY that Rob is not the least bit attracted to his former Twilight co-star.' HollywoodLife quotes its 'source' as saying, 'Rob always preferred Kristen's hair on the long side, so he's not too impressed with her new short do. It's just not that sexy to him.'

Is HollywoodLife seriously talking about a haircut Stewart got nearly six months ago? Unbelievably they are, and the site even has the gall to then write, 'Saying he doesn't like Kristen's short hair is pretty much saying he doesn't like Kristen as a person!' HollywoodLife further babbles on about how Pattinson 'loves FKA's long hair because it 'really embraces her femininity, which is a real turn-on for Rob.''

But let's be clear: This is not Pattinson trashing Stewart - it's HollywoodLife. HollywoodLife is desperate for drama between the former couple, even tweeting, 'Is Robert Pattinson attracted to FKA Twigs more than Kristen Stewart?!' That kind of blatant sensationalism is why the site is resorting to making up a story about Stewart's hairstyle.

It's a pathetic attempt at stirring up controversy that the publication actually first tried in July. Back then, the site absurdly claimed that Stewart cut her hair to 'purge' herself from Pattinson drama. Of course it wasn't true, and not surprisingly, the site makes no mention of it in its latest nonsense. Stewart's haircut had nothing to do with Pattinson, much like her hairstyle now has nothing to do with his relationship with FKA Twigs. Everyone knows Stewart cut her hair for Equals, and we doubt Pattinson has much of an opinion on her professional choice.

But nonsense is HollywoodLife's specialty, and as long as HollywoodLife keeps carelessly spreading crap about Pattinson, Stewart or anyone else, Gossip Cop will keep calling the webloid out. It's no wonder HollywoodLife was our absolute worst offender for the month of November, getting corrected more times than any other publication. It's not looking like December will be much better, and we fully expect HollywoodLife to follow up with some equally inane report about Stewart's thoughts on Pattinson's new hair.

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