Kit Harington's lazy haircare regime

Kit Harington

Kit Harington has only recently discovered the wonders of hair conditioner.

The British actor is known worldwide as hero Jon Snow in fantasy franchise Game of Thrones, and much has been made of his long curly locks.

While Kit is on the brink of boredom when it comes to hair chat, he does confess to being a novice in regards to mane maintenance.

'Everyone asks about the bl***y hair,' he signed to ASOS magazine. 'Secretly, I'm really looking forward to changing it, like in Testament [where he rocks a slick combover]. Do you want the honest truth? Until recently, I only washed it with shower gel because my mum always told me it's the same stuff as shampoo. I've discovered conditioner though, that's pretty good.'

And it's not just haircare Kit is so relaxed with; he's also pretty laidback when it comes to his everyday grooming regime.

'Water. People will disagree, but that's the best thing to wash your face with,' he previously told the British edition of Esquire. '[The moisturiser I use is] Dermalogica Active Moist.'

The 27-year-old also admits to not investing in whitening toothpaste, preferring to use original Colgate to keep his teeth gleaming.

However, when it comes to his signature scent, Kit goes high end with Jimmy Choo Man. This may be his fragrance of choice due to the fact he fronts the brand.

'I was very excited to be chosen as the face for such a highly regarded brand and to play a role in defining who the Jimmy Choo man is,' Kit said in a statement.

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