Justin Bieber Dating Selena Gomez Possible Despite Breakup, New Hair Color ...

Good news, Jelena fans. It looks like Justin Bieber could be dating Selena Gomez in the future, despite their numerous breakups. Even after photos emerged showing Bieber getting comfy with Hailey Baldwin, Gomez admitted that she loved the bad boy singer. She might not be so crazy about his new blonde hair color, which many find embarrassing.

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Regardless of all of the ups and downs, Selena Gomez is still deeply in love with Justin Bieber.

Though much of the sighted community has difficulty following her logic, Selena didn't hold back from gushing over her ex-boyfriend when she appeared on NRJ radio.

When asked about the details of her latest single, 'The Heart Wants What It Wants,' the starlet confirmed the song was about her time with Justin Bieber. And, according to MTV News, Selena admitted that she is still in love with Justin Bieber:

'I definitely have so much respect and love for [Bieber], and going in the studio is very therapeutic...It was my way of having it be a message more to people in general. People everywhere feel this feeling, and they should understand when anybody goes through that when they go through something you just can't help what you want and who you love.'

Selena may have opened up about her feelings for the Biebs, but when it came to discussing Bieber's recent hair color change, Gomez was decidedly quiet.

Another area Gomez has yet to comment on are reports that Justin Bieber has moved on and is now dating model Hailey Baldwin.

Although Baldwin has publicly denied these reports, E! Online reveals that evidence suggesting Hailey and Justin are dating is mounting:

'In the past few weeks, Hailey and Justin spent even more time together, leading many to wonder if they've taken their friendship to the next level...Just last week, Hailey and Justin were spotted having lunch at Spago in Beverly Hills and sitting courtside at an L.A. Clippers game. The stars were also photographed shopping at Target in L.A. before spending over an hour playing arcade games at Family Amusement Corporation.'

What do you think about the latest claims? Is Selena really still in love with Justin? Is Justin dating Hailey Baldwin? Do you want to see a Jelena reunion?

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