Hair Salon Employees Ordered Not to Say 'Merry Christmas' to Customers

Workers at hair salon SmartStyle have been told they cannot wish customers a Merry Christmas or say 'God bless you.' ()

SmartStyle, a family hair salon brand located inside Walmart stores, has declared war on Christmas. Regis Corporation owns the salon, which also operates under brand names like Supercuts, Sassoon Salon, Regis Salons and MasterCuts.

'I got a haircut yesterday at SmartStyle in Walmart,' an employee from the American Family Association (AFA) reports. 'The woman who cut my hair told me the employees had been instructed to refrain from 'religious' greetings such as 'Merry Christmas' and 'God bless you.' I asked her if it was a corporate decision and she said they had been instructed by the district manager on such greetings.'

Could it be true? The AFA called the SmartStyle corporate office to confirm. A company representative told the group, 'Employees are instructed to say 'Happy Holidays' so that they don't offend people who are Jewish or other religions.'

Franklin Graham is taking note of this type of hostility. As he sees it, the United States in the last few decades has witnessed increased hostility toward the sacred nature of Christmas, erupting into what has become a blatant war on Christmas.

'Stores, schools and communities across America continue to find new and intolerant reasons to remove any religious references to Christmas, stripping it of any holy or historical significance. Christian songs, prayers and other spiritually vital connections to the Lord Jesus Christ are deleted or diminished,' Graham says.

'That's because at its root and core, the war on Christmas isn't really about Christmas at all-it's about the Son of God. The war on Christmas is a war on Christ and His followers. It's the hatred of our culture for the exclusive claims that Christ made: 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me' (John 14:6).

Want to take action? You can contact SmartStyle right now and let them know their anti-Christmas policy and move to prohibit employees from wishing their customers a 'Merry Christmas' is not acceptable.

'SmartStyle employees are not cattle or robots. They are real people, with real feelings, who want to give a genuine, heartfelt greeting to their customers,' the AFA said in its ActionAlert. 'But at SmartStyle, political correctness is taking away the joy of Christmas for its employees and its customers.'

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