'The Goldbergs' fall finale recap: Barry Goldberg, the supermodel

The Goldbergs take on model walks and aliens trying to phone home in its latest episode. Supermodels get discovered anywhere, and for Barry Goldberg that place is the local mall. Enter 'model finder' John Calabasas and his perfectly reasonable offer to Barry of 100 bucks for some head shots and classes. Seems legit, right?

Well, to Barry and Beverly Goldberg this is everything they ever dreamed of. Beverly hands over the dough and Barry is on his way to being on the cover of Vogue. 'Barry was born to model,' proclaims Beverly when Erica tries to be the voice of reason and persuade her mother that this is just a scam.

With Murray tagging along, Adam and Emmy are preparing to see E.T. for the 10th time. While the three wait to get into the theater, Murray's mysterious father Pop Pop walks by. The conversation is limited and cold but that seems status quo for Murray and Pop Pop. It is not until Murray begins to cry during E.T. that Adam starts to believe that Murray might be upset about his relationship with his father.

After getting Barry all ready for his big shoot, Beverly accompanies her delicious baby boy to his first photo shoot.

While Bev is fixing Barry's hair, Calabasas comes up with a brilliant idea: a mother-son modeling team. Beverly hands over another 100 bucks and the duo start working it together. Once the pair is done, Barry is not a happy camper about having to share the spotlight with his mom.

Adam wants to get Pop Pop and Murray back on good terms even though Pops advises that it is a bad idea. After a very unsuccessful sit-down between the two, Adam decides that taking Pop Pop to see E.T. may spark some kind of emotion in the bitter man. So with the promise of free popcorn, Pop Pop heads off to see E.T. Adam's plan fails yet again. Pop Pop does not care for that alien at all and actually sides with the feds. Pop Pop calls Adam a moron for sympathizing with the alien.

Beverly finally comes to realization that the modeling is a scam after Erica shows Bev her head shots from a couple years ago. Beverly plans on breaking the news to Barry, but when Barry apologizes to his mother for freaking out, Beverly does not want to break Barry's heart. Instead, she marches down and demands that Calabasas find Barry an actually modeling job or she will shut him down. Barry gets his model moment when he becomes the face of Calabasas' model-finding company.

A heartbroken Adam tells Murray about Pop Pop calling him a moron. This leads to Murray marching over to his father's house and giving him a piece of his mind. Back at the Goldberg residence, Adam admits that the real reason that he wanted Murray and Pop Pop to make up is because he doesn't want his relationship with Murray to end up like that. Murray reassures Adam that would never happen.

The Goldbergs gather together to ring in the New Year. Just before the countdown is about to begin, Murray gets an unexpected visit from his father. It seems like a new year may mean a new beginning for the Goldbergs!

Lessons learned: When a stranger approaches you at the mall and says you can be a model, just smile and walk away.

The Goldbergs airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30C on ABC.

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