Britney Spears launches new haircare range with... Lidl!?

Britney Spears has the gorgeous blonde locks most girls dream of (when she's not shaving it all off, that is). So it's probably a surprise to no one that the superstar is expanding her multi-million dollar brand, which already includes an array perfumes and sexy lingerie, to include a new line of haircare products.

One thing that may surprise you though is exactly where you can get your hands on her newest beauty venture...

Pretty far from the glamour of Hollywood and the bright lights of Vegas where Spears is currently performing her residency shows, the 'Hold It Against Me' singer's all new haircare range will be coming to a Lidl near you. Yes, Lidl.

Spears' new collection will be hitting shelves on December 18th, and is made up of a number of electrical items, as well as hair brushes in a range of shapes and sizes.

And just as you'd expect from the budget supermarket, all of the pop stars items are pretty reasonably priced.

The collection's hairdryer or straighteners will set you back £9.99, whilst the 'Multi-Functional Styler' and the 'Hot Air Styler' are the two the most expensive items available, coming in at just £11.99. Even better, the brushes (of which there are 5 to collect) are priced at just £1.99 each.

Though we were a little shocked at first, it should probably come as no surprise that Spears is attaching her name to such inexpensive goods. Though she's one of the richest ladies on the planet (she nets almost $1,000,000 a week when she's in Vegas), TMZ reported last year that a lot of her personal expenditure actually goes on pitches from budget stores, including '99 Cents Plus' and 'Pay 99 Cents or Less.'

The Britney Spears Haircare collection will be available at a Lidl near you from December 18th. If you're looking to spend a little more money on the star, she just extended her 'Piece of Me' Las Vegas residency into 2017.

Will you be buying anything from Britney Spears' new haircare range? Tell us in the comments below.

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